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Touch Screen Car Key


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Slate - KeydroidSlate - Keydroid
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Sale priceRs. 15,999.00
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Edge - KeydroidEdge - Keydroid
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Metal Case - Tron - KeydroidMetal Case - Tron - Keydroid
Metal Case - Tron
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Blade 2.0Blade 2.0
Blade 2.0
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Nova - KeydroidNova - Keydroid
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Keydroid's Touch Screen Car Keys

Welcome to Keydroid, where tradition meets innovation at the push of a button. Introducing our exclusive collection of touchscreen car keys, designed for the discerning driver who demands both style and functionality. With our state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, Keydroid transforms your ordinary car key into a smart, interactive gadget that not only starts your car but controls it.

Why Choose Keydroid's Touch Screen Car Keys?

  • Innovative Technology: Our touchscreen keys come with a high-definition, full-touch display that ensures clarity and responsiveness. Swipe through your key's features like you would on your smartphone!

  • Enhanced Security Features: With Keydroid, security is never compromised. Our touchscreen keys come equipped with proximity lock/unlock functionality and auto-window safety features, enhancing your car’s security with technology that responds to your presence.

  • Sustainability with USB Charging: Forget the hassle of battery replacements. Our keys are USB-chargeable with over 200 days of battery life on a single charge, promoting not only convenience but also environmental responsibility.

  • Apple Certified Car Tracking: Never lose track of your vehicle again. Our keys are compatible with Apple devices, allowing you to locate your car with the same ease as finding your iPhone.

Explore Our Collection:

  • HEXA Smart Key: Positioned as the most budget-friendly option on the market, the HEXA smart key boasts a sleek curved metallic shell design. Designed to work seamlessly with six specific car brands, HEXA appeals to users seeking a stylish key at an unbeatable price point.

  • Tron Smart Key: Elevating functionality to a fashion statement, the Tron smart key features a vibrant touchscreen and customizable colour options, making it a bold style statement. Available in Silver, Red, Black, and White, this Apple-integrated key offers elegant car control and built-in tracking capabilities.

  • Blade 2.0: Catering to tech enthusiasts, the Blade 2.0 smart key showcases an advanced interface and a sophisticated metallic design. Offering top-notch security and functionality, it puts control of your vehicle right at your fingertips, complete with Apple integration for seamless car tracking.

  • Edge: Marrying aesthetics with practicality, the Edge smart key sports an ergonomic shell and a user-friendly touchscreen complemented by physical buttons on the side. Apple integration ensures efficient car tracking, making it a stylish and functional choice.

  • Slate: Built for simplicity and durability, the Slate smart key is your reliable companion for everyday use. With robust features and a sturdy design, it's engineered to withstand the rigours of daily life, offering straightforward functionality without compromising on durability.

Shop with Confidence:

At Keydroid, your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy hassle-free returns, guaranteed warranties, and an accessible customer service team ready to assist you. Upgrade to a Keydroid touchscreen car key today and experience the future of car technology.

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Ready to Elevate Your Car Key?

Visit our collection page now to select your Keydroid touch screen car key and start your journey towards a smarter, more secure driving experience. Choose Keydroid—where every key is a gateway to the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes Keydroid touch screen car keys different from regular car keys?

Ans: Keydroid car keys are equipped with a high-definition touch screen that allows you to control various features of your car, offering enhanced security and convenience. They also feature customizable options, USB charging, and are designed with style in mind.

Q2. Can I track my car using a Keydroid touch screen car key?

Ans: Yes, Keydroid touch screen car keys come with Apple-certified car tracking capabilities, allowing you to easily locate your vehicle from any of your Apple devices.

Q3. How long does the battery last on a Keydroid touch screen car key?

Ans: A Keydroid touch screen car key comes with a USB charging port and offers over 200 days of battery life on a single charge, providing long-lasting performance without the need for frequent battery changes.

Q4. Is it possible to personalize my Keydroid smart key?

Ans: Absolutely! Keydroid provides a wide range of customization features for your smart key. Upon selection of your preferred car brand, your key will be configured with the brand's logo displayed on the screen. Additionally, you have the flexibility to personalize the screen with your own logo, display name, or signature.