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Smart Skoda Key


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Slate - KeydroidSlate - Keydroid
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Edge - KeydroidEdge - Keydroid
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Metal Case - Tron - KeydroidMetal Case - Tron - Keydroid
Metal Case - Tron
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Blade 2.0Blade 2.0
Blade 2.0
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Nova - KeydroidNova - Keydroid
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 Smart Skoda Key Collection

Welcome to Keydroid, where we transform everyday car accessories into extraordinary expressions of style and functionality. Our Smart Skoda Key collection is designed for the discerning Skoda owner who values both aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Upgrade your Skoda experience with our custom-designed smart keys, tailored to combine luxury, style, and innovative technology.

Why Choose Smart Skoda Keys?

Our Smart Skoda Keys are more than just a tool to unlock your car; they are a lifestyle choice that enhances your interaction with your vehicle. Each key is crafted to provide:

  • Touchscreen Functionality: Navigate your car's features with ease with a full HD touchscreen that supports smooth swipes and clear visibility.

  • Long-lasting Battery with USB Charging: Forget the hassle of battery replacements with our rechargeable keys that offer over 200 days of battery life on a single charge.

  • Proximity Lock and Unlock: Our keys sense your approach, unlocking your Skoda as you near and securely locking it as you walk away.

  • Safety Features: Automatically close open windows when locking your car with the touch of a button, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Apple integration: Keydroid Keys are authorized Apple devices for car tracking. Once installed, you can track your car with any iPhone/iPad.

  • Owner Contact Display: Put your phone number in Display if you give your keys to valet or accidentally leave them somewhere 

Our Collection

Explore our exquisite range of Smart Skoda Keys, each designed to reflect a unique style and personality:

  •  HEXA smart key: It is the most affordable smart key in the market, with a nice curved metallic shell design. Hexa is compatible with only 6 car brands and is for every user who wants to add a good-looking key at a great price!

  • Tron Smart Key: With a vibrant touchscreen and customizable colour options, the Tron smart key is not just functional; it’s a style statement. Available in Silver, Red, Black, and White, it lets you control your car with a touch of elegance. Tron is an Apple-integrated key with car tracking.

  • Blade 2.0: For those who demand the ultimate in technology, Blade 2.0 offers an advanced interface and a sleek, metallic design. It's your car's security and functionality, right at your fingertips. Apple integrated for car tracking.

  • Edge: Combining aesthetics with efficiency, the Edge smart key features a unique easy-to-hold shell and a convenient touchscreen, with physical buttons on the side. Apple Integrated for car tracking.

  • Slate: If simplicity and durability are what you seek, the Slate is your go-to smart key. With robust features and a sturdy design, it’s built to last.


Join the Revolution

Be a part of a community that is stepping into the future of car technology. With Keydroid's Smart Skoda Keys, you're not just choosing a key; you're choosing a new way to interact with your car. Embrace the blend of technology and style, and make every journey memorable.

Get in Touch

Ready to upgrade your Skoda? Visit our store or contact us to find out more about our Smart Skoda Key collection and start your journey towards a smarter drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What makes the Smart Skoda Key different from a regular car key?

Ans: The Smart Skoda Key features a touchscreen interface, advanced security through proximity sensors, customizable design options, and a long-lasting battery with USB charging. It combines convenience with modern technology to enhance your driving experience.

Q2: How does the proximity lock and unlock feature work?

Ans: The proximity feature uses sensors to detect your approach to the vehicle, automatically unlocking the doors as you get close, and securing the vehicle when you walk away, enhancing ease and safety.

Q3: Is the touchscreen display on the Smart Skoda Key durable?

Ans: Absolutely, the touchscreen display is made with high-quality, durable materials designed to withstand everyday use while providing a clear and responsive interface.

Q4: How can I purchase a Smart Skoda Key from Keydroid?

Ans: You can purchase your Smart Skoda Key directly from our website or visit our store. For more detailed information, navigate to the product page or contact our customer service team.