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At Keydroid, we offer luxury car key fobs that not only have a high flaunt value but also come with additional features. We currently produce five variants: Tron, Nova, Blade, Edge and Slate. All our car key remotes are touchscreen-enabled and can be custom-made according to your car, distinguishing between a BMW and a Mercedes.

Our smart keys are equipped with a car lock remote which has proximity locks, allowing you to unlock your car hands-free when in a close radius. Additionally, the HD touchscreen displays your phone number, in case the key is misplaced or with the valet. Each of our car key fobs can be customised in the colour of your choice. Keydroid is dedicated to offering the ultimate personalised experience with our luxury car keys fobs, equipped with a range of features that are sure to impress.

Keydroid was born to fill the void in the market of key personalisation. We have developed and curated luxury car keys that not only have a flaunt value but also come loaded with a host of features.

The 5 variants that we currently produce are:

Tron, Nova, Blade, Edge and Slate.

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