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Smart Porsche Key


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Slate - KeydroidSlate - Keydroid
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Edge - KeydroidEdge - Keydroid
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Metal Case - Tron - KeydroidMetal Case - Tron - Keydroid
Metal Case - Tron
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Blade 2.0Blade 2.0
Blade 2.0
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Nova - KeydroidNova - Keydroid
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Keydroid Smart Porsche Key Collection

Welcome to the future of automobile luxury with Keydroid's exclusive Smart Porsche Key collection. At Keydroid, we believe that your car key should be more than just a tool—it should be a statement of style and a beacon of innovation. Tailored for discerning Porsche owners, our smart keys merge cutting-edge technology with impeccable design, transforming your keyring into a gateway to an elevated driving experience.

Embrace the Touch of Innovation

Our Smart Porsche Key collection is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Each key features a sleek, user-friendly interface with a high-definition touchscreen that allows you to manage your vehicle's security, entertainment, and settings with just a swipe. Imagine adjusting your Porsche’s settings as easily as you navigate your smartphone.

Long-lasting Durability

Forget the hassle of frequent battery replacements. Our Porsche smart keys are equipped with a long-lasting battery that ensures Months of usage on a single charge, complemented by an easy USB charging port. This means less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying the drive.

Available Models

  • Tron Series: Futuristic in design and function, the Tron series offers a sleek, user-friendly interface with customizable options. Available in Silver, Red, Black, and White, it lets you control your car with a touch of elegance. Tron is an Apple-integrated key with car tracking.

  • Edge Series: For those who value sophistication, the Edge series blends style with functionality, embodying a modern approach to car key design. Apple Integrated for car tracking.

  • Blade 2.0: Robust and reliable, the Blade series is for the everyday driver who demands performance and durability. Apple integrated for car tracking.

  • HEXA smart key: It is the most affordable smart key in the market, with a nice curved metallic shell design. Hexa is compatible with only 6 car brands and is for every user who wants to add a good-looking key at a great price!

  • Slate: If simplicity and durability are what you seek, the Slate is your go-to smart key. With robust features and a sturdy design, it’s built to last.

Reimagining your driving experience

Every Keydroid smart key is packed with cutting-edge features tailored to elevate your journey:

  • Proximity Lock/Unlock: Seamlessly integrated sensors detect your presence, effortlessly unlocking your car doors upon approach, eliminating the need for physical contact.

  • Auto Windows: Compatible with select vehicles, enjoy the convenience of automatic window closure as you step away from your car, adding an extra layer of security and comfort.

  • Smart Trunk: Simplify your errands with the smart trunk feature, enabling hands-free access to your trunk when your arms are full, making grocery runs a breeze.

  • Owner Contact Display: Safeguard your keys with ease by displaying your contact information on the key itself, ensuring a swift return if misplaced or entrusted to a valet.

  • USB Rechargeable: Bid farewell to the hassle of battery replacements with USB charging capability, offering over 200 days of standby battery life on a single charge for uninterrupted functionality.

  • Apple Integration: Authorized by Apple for seamless car tracking, Keydroid smart keys sync effortlessly with your iPhone or iPad, empowering you to monitor your vehicle's whereabouts with ease.

Why Choose Keydroid for Your Smart Porsche Key?

Opting for a smart key from Keydroid means more than just acquiring a product—it's embracing a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience, coupled with top-notch service. Crafted with precision right here in India, our keys epitomize the pinnacle of quality and innovation, guaranteeing effortless repairs or servicing whenever necessary.

Join the Community

When you choose a Keydroid smart key, you join a community of tech-savvy drivers who value both functionality and style. Our keys are not just about access; they are about enhancing your driving experience and making every journey more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I pair my Smart Porsche Key with my vehicle?

Ans: Pairing is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the package or refer to our online tutorial videos. The entire process takes less than five minutes.

Q2. Where can I purchase the Keydroid Smart Porsche Key?

Ans: You can purchase it directly from our website or through selected partners. Visit the "Smart Car Keys" section on our website to view available models and start the customization process.

Q3. What security features does the Smart Porsche Key offer?

Ans: Our smart keys come with advanced encryption technology and a proximity sensor for automatic locking and unlocking. This ensures your Porsche remains secure while providing convenience.

Q4. What is the battery life of a Smart Porsche Key, and how do I charge it?

Ans: The key is designed for long-lasting performance, typically requiring a charge only once every few months depending on usage. It includes a USB charging port, making it easy to charge anywhere.