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Electrical Diffuser Refill - KeydroidElectrical Diffuser Refill - Keydroid
Electrical Diffuser Refill
Sale priceRs. 799.00
Oud ombré Mist Spray - KeydroidOud ombré Mist Spray - Keydroid
Oud ombré Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
Oud ombré Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidOud ombré Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
Oud ombré Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
C. Aventus Mist Spray - KeydroidC. Aventus Mist Spray - Keydroid
C. Aventus Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
D. Savage Mist Spray - KeydroidD. Savage Mist Spray - Keydroid
D. Savage Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
TF. Tuscan Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidTF. Tuscan Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
TF. Tuscan Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
D. Savage Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidD. Savage Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
D. Savage Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
TF. Tuscan Mist Spray - KeydroidTF. Tuscan Mist Spray - Keydroid
TF. Tuscan Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
Astral Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidAstral Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
Astral Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
Sold out
C. Aventus Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidC. Aventus Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
C. Aventus Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00
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D. Savage Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidD. Savage Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
D. Savage Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00
Sold out
Oud ombré Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidOud ombré Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
Oud ombré Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00
Sold out
TF. Tuscan Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidTF. Tuscan Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
TF. Tuscan Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00

Find the Exquisite Range of Maruti Suzuki Car Perfumes at Keydroid

Welcome to Keydroid, your one-stop destination for premium car perfumes. We proudly present the Maruti Suzuki Car Perfume Collection, meticulously crafted to elevate your driving experience. Our collection features a diverse range of fragrances, categorized into Natural and Designer fragrances, each designed to bring a unique and refreshing ambiance to your vehicle.


Natural Fragrances

Aromachology-Based Fragrances

Our Natural Fragrances are based on the science of Aromachology, which harnesses the power of scents to stimulate and improve your mood. Nerve, India’s first brand to introduce Aromachology in car perfumes, brings you pure natural oil-based fragrances that are both invigorating and soothing.

1. Serene

Experience tranquility with Serene, a fragrance designed to calm your senses and create a peaceful environment in your car. Ideal for long drives and hectic commutes, Serene helps you relax and focus.

2. Bliss

Bliss is a cheerful and uplifting fragrance that fills your car with positive energy. This scent is perfect for starting your day on a high note or maintaining a joyful atmosphere during road trips.

3. Astral

Astral combines exotic and earthy notes to create a balanced and refreshing aroma. This fragrance is perfect for those who appreciate a touch of nature while driving.

4. Inspire

Inspire is a dynamic and stimulating fragrance that boosts your creativity and keeps you alert. It’s the perfect companion for those who need a little extra motivation while on the road.


Designer Fragrances

Designer-Inspired Perfumes

Our Designer Fragrances are inspired by some of the world’s most famous and luxurious scents, bringing the essence of high-end perfumes to your car. These fragrances offer a sophisticated and elegant aroma that enhances the overall driving experience.

1. TF Tuscan

Inspired by Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, this fragrance offers a rich and opulent scent, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their car.

2. C Aventus

Inspired by Creed Aventus, C Aventus brings a bold and dynamic fragrance to your vehicle. It’s ideal for drivers who enjoy a strong and empowering scent.

3. D Savage

Inspired by Dior Sauvage, D Savage provides a fresh and vibrant aroma, perfect for those who want to make a statement every time they step into their car.

4. Oud Ombré

Inspired by the rich and exotic notes of Oud, Oud Ombré offers a deep and complex fragrance that brings an air of mystery and sophistication to your vehicle.


Why Choose Maruti Suzuki Car Perfumes?

  1. Premium Quality: Our car perfumes are made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring long-lasting and effective fragrance.

  2. Wide Variety: With a range of scents to choose from, you can find the perfect fragrance to match your mood and preferences.

  3. Innovative Technology: Our Aromachology-based fragrances are designed to improve your mood and enhance your driving experience.

  4. Luxurious Feel: Our Designer Fragrances bring the essence of high-end perfumes to your car, offering a sophisticated and elegant aroma.

  5. Easy to Use: Our perfumes come in various formats, including mist sprays and diffusers, making it easy to freshen up your car.


How to Use Maruti Suzuki Car Perfumes

  1. Mist Sprays: Simply spray the perfume in your car to enjoy an instant burst of fragrance. Ideal for quick refreshes and maintaining a pleasant aroma.

  2. Hanging Diffusers: Hang the diffuser on your rearview mirror or any other suitable spot in your car. The diffuser will slowly release the fragrance, providing a continuous scent.

  3. Electrical Diffusers: Plug the diffuser into your car’s electrical outlet to enjoy a steady and consistent fragrance. Perfect for long drives and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.


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The Maruti Suzuki Car Perfume Collection at Keydroid offers a diverse range of premium fragrances designed to enhance your driving experience. Whether you prefer the natural and soothing scents of our Aromachology-based perfumes or the luxurious and sophisticated aromas of our Designer Fragrances, you’ll find the perfect scent to match your style and mood. Explore our collection today and transform your car into a haven of delightful fragrances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long do the fragrances last?

Ans: Our car perfumes are designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance. The duration can vary depending on the type of perfume and usage, but typically, a mist spray can last up to a few weeks, while diffusers can last several months.


Q2. Are the fragrances safe for use in cars?

Ans: Yes, our fragrances are specifically formulated for use in cars. They are made from high-quality ingredients and are safe for both the vehicle and its occupants.


Q3. Can I use the perfumes in other spaces besides my car?

Ans: While our perfumes are designed for use in cars, they can also be used in other small spaces like closets, bathrooms, or offices. However, for best results, we recommend using them in your vehicle.


Q4. Do the fragrances contain any harmful chemicals?

Ans: Our car perfumes are made from natural oils and high-quality ingredients. They do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for use in enclosed spaces like cars.


Q5. How do I choose the right fragrance for my car?

Ans: Choosing the right fragrance depends on your personal preference. If you prefer natural and soothing scents, our Natural Fragrances are ideal. For a more luxurious and sophisticated aroma, you can opt for our Designer Fragrances. You can also experiment with different scents to find the one that best suits your mood and driving experience.