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Electrical Diffuser Refill - KeydroidElectrical Diffuser Refill - Keydroid
Electrical Diffuser Refill
Sale priceRs. 799.00
Oud ombré Mist Spray - KeydroidOud ombré Mist Spray - Keydroid
Oud ombré Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
Oud ombré Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidOud ombré Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
Oud ombré Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
C. Aventus Mist Spray - KeydroidC. Aventus Mist Spray - Keydroid
C. Aventus Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
D. Savage Mist Spray - KeydroidD. Savage Mist Spray - Keydroid
D. Savage Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
TF. Tuscan Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidTF. Tuscan Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
TF. Tuscan Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
D. Savage Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidD. Savage Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
D. Savage Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
TF. Tuscan Mist Spray - KeydroidTF. Tuscan Mist Spray - Keydroid
TF. Tuscan Mist Spray
Sale priceRs. 999.00
Astral Electrical Diffuser - KeydroidAstral Electrical Diffuser - Keydroid
Astral Electrical Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 3,999.00
Sold out
C. Aventus Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidC. Aventus Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
C. Aventus Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00
Sold out
D. Savage Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidD. Savage Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
D. Savage Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00
Sold out
Oud ombré Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidOud ombré Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
Oud ombré Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00
Sold out
TF. Tuscan Hanging Diffuser - KeydroidTF. Tuscan Hanging Diffuser - Keydroid
TF. Tuscan Hanging Diffuser
Sale priceRs. 899.00

Elevate Your Driving Experience with Jaguar Car Perfume by Keydroid

Discover the Essence of Luxury with Jaguar Car Perfume

Welcome to Keydroid, your ultimate destination for premium car fragrances. Introducing the exquisite Jaguar Car Perfume, a collection that combines the elegance of Jaguar with the innovative fragrance technology of Nerve, a brand by Keydroid. This collection is designed to transform your car into a sanctuary of luxurious scents, offering both Natural and Designer Fragrances to suit every mood and preference.


Why Choose Jaguar Car Perfume by Keydroid?

At Keydroid, we understand that a car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a personal space where you spend a significant amount of time. The right fragrance can enhance your driving experience, uplift your mood, and create a lasting impression. Our Jaguar Car Perfume collection is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled olfactory journey, ensuring your car always smells as sophisticated as it looks.


Natural Fragrances: Aromachology-Based Bliss

Our Natural Fragrances are inspired by the science of Aromachology, which explores the relationship between fragrances and emotions. These scents are crafted using pure natural oils, making them not only delightful but also beneficial for your well-being. Nerve is proud to be India's first brand to introduce Aromachology in car perfumes, ensuring that each drive is a rejuvenating experience.


Featured Natural Fragrances:

  • Serene: A calming blend that soothes the senses, perfect for those long drives when you need a moment of tranquility.

  • Bliss: An invigorating scent that energizes and uplifts, ideal for starting your day on a positive note.

  • Astral: A mystical fragrance that evokes a sense of wonder and exploration, perfect for adventurous spirits.

  • Inspire: A motivational aroma that stimulates creativity and focus, making it perfect for business drives and brainstorming sessions.


Designer Fragrances: Inspired by Icons

Our Designer Fragrances are inspired by some of the most iconic scents from renowned designers such as Tom Ford, Creed, Dior, and David Off. These fragrances are crafted to offer the same sophistication and allure as their designer counterparts, ensuring your car exudes elegance and class.


Featured Designer Fragrances:

  • C. Aventus: Inspired by the legendary Creed Aventus, this fragrance exudes power and confidence.

  • D. Savage: Inspired by Dior Sauvage, a bold and adventurous scent perfect for those who seek a thrill.

  • TF. Tuscan: Inspired by Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather, a rich and luxurious fragrance that speaks of opulence.

  • Oud Ombré: A deep and mysterious scent inspired by the luxurious blends of the Middle East.


Nerve: A Brand by Keydroid

Nerve, a brand by Keydroid, is at the forefront of fragrance innovation. Our mission is to enhance your driving experience through the power of scent. Each product in the Jaguar Car Perfume collection is crafted with precision and passion, ensuring you receive the highest quality fragrance every time.


Electrical Diffusers and Mist Sprays

The Jaguar Car Perfume collection offers both Electrical Diffusers and Mist Sprays to suit your convenience. Our electrical diffusers provide a constant and controlled release of fragrance, ensuring your car smells fresh at all times. For a quick burst of fragrance, our mist sprays are perfect for on-the-go freshness.


Key Features of Jaguar Car Perfume:

  • Long-lasting: Our fragrances are designed to last, ensuring your car smells great for weeks.

  • Easy to Use: Both diffusers and sprays are user-friendly and can be easily installed or applied.

  • Safe and Natural: Our natural fragrances are made from pure essential oils, ensuring they are safe for you and your family.

  • Luxury Packaging: Each fragrance comes in elegant packaging, making it a perfect gift for any car enthusiast.


How to Use Jaguar Car Perfume

  1. For Electrical Diffusers: Simply plug the diffuser into your car’s power outlet and adjust the intensity to your liking. The diffuser will release a steady stream of fragrance, keeping your car smelling fresh.

  2. For Mist Sprays: Shake the bottle well and spray the fragrance evenly in your car. Use as needed to maintain a fresh scent.


Explore the Jaguar Car Perfume Collection Today

Elevate your driving experience with the Jaguar Car Perfume collection by Keydroid. Browse our selection of Natural and Designer Fragrances and find the perfect scent for your car. Whether you’re looking for a calming aroma, an invigorating burst of freshness, or a touch of luxury, we have the perfect fragrance for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long does the fragrance last? 

Ans: Our electrical diffusers provide continuous fragrance for up to 60 days, while the mist sprays can last for several weeks depending on usage.


Q2: Are the fragrances safe for children and pets? 

Ans: Yes, our natural fragrances are made from pure essential oils and are safe for both children and pets.


Q3: Can I adjust the intensity of the fragrance in the electrical diffuser? 

Ans: Yes, our electrical diffusers come with adjustable settings, allowing you to control the intensity of the fragrance.


Q4: How do I know when to replace the diffuser refill? 

Ans: The diffuser will gradually release less fragrance as it nears the end of its life. You can also check the refill level periodically.


Q5: Are there any special offers available for Jaguar Car Perfume? 

Ans: Yes, we often have promotions and discounts. Please subscribe to our newsletter or check our website for the latest offers.