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LED Lights For Cars Headlights


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Keydroid Photon- Car Led Bulb ( 280W Brightness 28000 Lumens) with 4Years WarrantyKeydroid Photon- Car Led Bulb ( 280W Brightness 28000 Lumens) with 4Years Warranty
Keydroid Photon- Car Led Bulb ( 280W Brightness 28000 Lumens) with 4Years Warranty
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Keydroid LED Lights for Car Headlights

Welcome to Keydroid, your ultimate destination for premium car accessories. We are proud to introduce our latest collection: Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights for Car Headlights. Elevate your driving experience with our state-of-the-art LED headlights that promise unparalleled brightness, efficiency, and durability.

Explore Our LED Light Collection

Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights

  • Price: Rs 11,499

  • Discounted Price: Rs 9,800  (available on the website after discount) 

Our LED lights come in various sizes to suit all types of vehicles:

  • H4

  • H6

  • H7

  • H11

  • H19

Product Highlights:

  • Supreme quality built

  • 4-year warranty

  • 280W brightness

  • High lumen efficiency

  • CANBUS relay

  • Compatible with all modern vehicles

  • 700% more brightness than halogen

Why Choose Keydroid LED?

  1. Unmatched Brightness: Our LED lights boast an impressive 280W brightness, making them the brightest on the market. Say goodbye to dim and unreliable headlights and enjoy a clearer, safer drive.

  2. High Lumen Efficiency: Designed for maximum performance, our LEDs provide high lumen output with minimal energy consumption. This means brighter light without draining your car’s battery.

  3. CANBUS Relay: Our LEDs are equipped with CANBUS relay technology, ensuring compatibility with all modern vehicles and preventing any error messages on your dashboard.

  4. 4-Year Warranty: We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer an unrivaled 4-year warranty. Drive with confidence knowing that your headlights are covered.

  5. Versatile Sizes: Available in multiple sizes (H4, H6, H7, H11, H19), our LEDs fit a wide range of car models, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle.

  6. Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, our LED headlights can be set up in no time, allowing you to upgrade your car lighting effortlessly.

  7. Discounted Price: Originally priced at Rs 11,499, our LEDs are now available at a special discounted rate of Rs 9,800. Enhance your car’s lighting without breaking the bank.

Supreme Quality Built

Our LED lights are built to last. Crafted from high-grade materials, they are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide consistent performance over time. Whether you're driving through rain, fog, or snow, trust Keydroid LEDs to light your way.

Exceptional Brightness

Experience the brilliance of our 280W LED headlights. Offering 700% more brightness than traditional halogen bulbs, they illuminate the road ahead like never before. This means better visibility, enhanced safety, and a more comfortable driving experience.

Keydroid LED Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes to ensure that our LED headlights fit perfectly with your vehicle:

  • H4: Ideal for a wide range of vehicles, H4 LEDs are versatile and provide powerful illumination.

  • H6: Compact and efficient, H6 LEDs are perfect for smaller vehicles or those with limited headlight space.

  • H7: Known for their high lumen output, H7 LEDs are a popular choice for drivers seeking maximum brightness.

  • H11: Designed for vehicles with specific headlight requirements, H11 LEDs offer precise and powerful lighting.

  • H19: Perfect for newer vehicle models, H19 LEDs provide exceptional performance and compatibility.

Upgrade Your Drive with Keydroid

At Keydroid, we are committed to providing the highest quality car accessories to enhance your driving experience. Our LED headlights are designed to offer superior performance, exceptional brightness, and long-lasting durability. Upgrade your car today with Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights and drive with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the brightness of Keydroid LED headlights?

Ans: Our LED headlights have a brightness of 280W, offering 700% more brightness than traditional halogen bulbs.

2. Are Keydroid LED headlights compatible with my car?

Ans: Yes, our LED headlights come in various sizes (H4, H6, H7, H11, H19) and are compatible with all modern vehicles equipped with CANBUS relay technology.

3. How long is the warranty for Keydroid LED headlights?

Ans: Keydroid LED headlights come with a supreme 4-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliable performance.

4. How easy is it to install Keydroid LED headlights?

Ans: Our LED headlights are designed for hassle-free installation. You can set them up quickly and easily without the need for professional assistance.

5. What is the price of Keydroid LED headlights, and is there a discount available?

Ans: The regular price is Rs 11,499, but they are currently available at a discounted price of Rs 9,800 on our website.