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Keydroid Photon- Car Led Bulb ( 280W Brightness 28000 Lumens) with 4Years WarrantyKeydroid Photon- Car Led Bulb ( 280W Brightness 28000 Lumens) with 4Years Warranty
Keydroid Photon- Car Led Bulb ( 280W Brightness 28000 Lumens) with 4Years Warranty
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Enlighten Your Journey with Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights

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Welcome to Keydroid, your ultimate destination for cutting-edge automotive accessories that blend style, functionality, and innovation. Our latest addition, the Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights, sets a new standard in automotive lighting, offering unparalleled brightness and durability.

Price: Rs 11,499
Special Discount: Rs 9,800


Why Choose Keydroid LED Lights?

When it comes to driving, visibility is paramount. The Creta LED Lights from Keydroid are not just another set of headlights; they are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Here's why our LED lights stand out:

  1. Exceptional Brightness: With a remarkable brightness of 280W, our LED lights ensure that you have a clear view of the road ahead, even in the darkest conditions.

  2. Versatile Sizes: Available in multiple sizes including H4, H6, H7, H11, and H19, our LED lights are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a perfect match for your car.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Our LED lights consume less power while delivering more light, making them an eco-friendly choice for your vehicle.

  4. Durability and Longevity: Built to last, our LED lights offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional halogen bulbs, saving you money on replacements and maintenance.

  5. Easy Installation: Designed for a hassle-free installation process, our LED lights can be fitted with minimal effort, getting you back on the road in no time.

  6. The Only Product in the Market with a Supreme 4-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our unmatched warranty, guaranteeing the quality and durability of our LED lights.


Product Highlights:

  • Supreme Quality Built

  • 4-Year Warranty

  • 280W Brightness

  • High Lumen Efficiency

  • CANBUS Relay

  • Compatible with All Modern Vehicles

  • 700% More Brightness Than Halogen


Discover the Sizes: Perfect Fit for Every Vehicle

At Keydroid, we understand that every vehicle is unique. That's why our Creta LED Lights are available in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit:

  • H4: Ideal for standard car models, providing a balanced beam pattern for both low and high beams.

  • H6: Suitable for motorcycles and smaller vehicles, offering a compact and powerful lighting solution.

  • H7: Commonly used in many modern cars, delivering focused and bright illumination.

  • H11: Perfect for fog lights, enhancing visibility in adverse weather conditions.

  • H19: A versatile size compatible with a range of vehicle types, ensuring broad coverage and brightness.


Unmatched Performance and Reliability

At Keydroid, we believe in delivering only the best. Our LED lights are meticulously tested to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. With the Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights, you are not just upgrading your vehicle's lighting; you are investing in safety, efficiency, and a superior driving experience.


Experience the Keydroid Advantage

  • Unbeatable Price: Take advantage of our special discount and get the Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights at just Rs 9,800, down from Rs 11,499.

  • Easy Installation: Designed for a hassle-free installation process, our LED lights come with all necessary components and detailed instructions, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle's lighting in no time.

  • Energy Efficient: Save on energy costs while enjoying unparalleled brightness. Our LED lights are designed to provide maximum light output with minimal energy consumption.

  • Stylish Design: Enhance the look of your vehicle with our sleek and modern LED lights, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand by the quality of our products and offer a 4-year warranty, ensuring your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.



  • Rohan Verma, Delhi: "The Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights have completely transformed my driving experience. The brightness and clarity are unmatched, and the installation was a breeze."

  • Sneha Kapoor, Mumbai: "I love the modern look these LED lights give to my car. The 4-year warranty is a huge plus, and the performance is exceptional."

  • Ankit Sharma, Bangalore: "Upgrading to Keydroid LED lights was the best decision. The visibility at night is incredible, and I feel much safer on the road."


Shop Now and Brighten Your Drive

Don't miss out on our exclusive offer. Upgrade to the Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights today and Illuminate your journey with the brightest and most reliable LED lights on the market.

For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact our customer support. We are here to help you make the best choice for your vehicle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes Keydroid Ultra Bright LED Lights different from other LED lights?

Ans: Our LED lights offer 280W brightness, high lumen efficiency, and come with a unique 4-year warranty, providing 700% more brightness than traditional halogen bulbs.


Q2. Are Keydroid LED lights compatible with my car?

Ans: Yes, Keydroid LED lights are designed to be compatible with all modern vehicles, ensuring a seamless fit and superior performance.


Q3. How easy is it to install Keydroid LED lights?

Ans: The installation process is straightforward and hassle-free, with all necessary components and detailed instructions included in the package.


Q4. What is the warranty on Keydroid LED lights?

Ans: Keydroid LED lights come with a supreme 4-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected and offering peace of mind.